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The Application Process

The SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION is a “lineage” society. Each member has traced their family tree back to a point of having a patriot ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783.

Below is an overview of the application process which can be followed easily.  If you follow this process and the methodology provided in the explanations for each, the application can be simple and painless.

Begin by selecting and completing these three items in order.








   A.  Download a copy of the SAR Application.
   B.  Methodology TIP:  For female ancestors use full MAIDEN names.
   C.  Sources to trace family lineage TIP:  The application lists possible sources but there are many more.
   D.  Sources to Locate Patriotic Ancestor.  

  • Use above resources, or

  • Request assistance from the Chapter Registrar.

   E.  Contact the Chapter or State Registrar for assistance:



   A.  Every generation requires the following documentation of proof:
   B.  Birth/Death Record of the Blood line (male or female)
   C.  Birth/Death Record of the Spouse (male of female) if available – not required but recommended
   D.  Marriage Record of the Blood line to spouse
   E.  Proof of relationship to next generation higher – e.g., Gen 1 to Gen 2

  • Sources for Proofs 

    • Long birth certificate with parents names required if available

    • Official Death Certificates (DC) with parents names if deceased 

    • DC often shows Birth Date and State and may show "spouse"

    • Bible Records – requires readable copies of the title page showing copyright/publication date and well as pages of the proof

    • Published historical documents with cited documentation of the reference.

    • Published family publications showing citations for the references used therein

    • Copies of deeds, wills, etc. that establish lineage, dates, references used therein and places

    • SAR/DAR/C.A.R. Record Copies


  • Copies of proofs

    • Originals are NOT required

    • Should be made in 8.5” X 11” size – landscape or portrait depending on the document.

    • If enlargements of an area are required for readability, do so on a separate sheet – do not place anything onto the reverse side.

    • Do not mix full page and enlargements on the same side.

    • Label each proof document in RED pen or pencil with the GEN or GENS (e.g., GENS 1-4) to be proven in that document.

    • Underline  in RED pen or pencil the names, dates, places or kinships that you wish that to demonstrate to the reviewed and

    • Place the GEN in RED pen or pencil beside/above that name in the underlined entry.

    • The source of the document, if it is not visible on the document itself, must be noted on the document marked “Source” and entered in RED pen or pencil.


  • Your completed sides 1 and 2 of the application and your proofs in generational order, GEN 1 through GEN “X”, all you need do now is fill out the form itself. When filling in the Generation Proofs, be thorough but brief as there is little room. Abbreviations are acceptable:

    • BC = Birth Certificate

    • MC = Marriage Certificate

    • DC = Death Certificate

    • TS = Tomb Stone

    • Bible = Bible Record

    • aft. = after

    • bef. = before

    •  abt. = about

    • b. = born

    • d. = died 

  • The link below will take you to the full Application Manual for SAR. Pages 28-29 provide an example of the completed documentation.


  • In the very near future, you will be filling in the form online into the format. As for now, do so in PDF format using Adobe. The downloaded form is in adobe and allows you to input, alter, print, and save copies. Email the copy to your Registrar for review and revision. He will then discuss with you the submission of your complete package, costs, etc.


  • This guides you in researching your family lineage to establish your membership and to make a personal connection with your Patriot ancestor. Beginning with a member sponsor, a team of volunteers, including Chapter and State Registrars and Genealogists work tirelessly to assist prospective members. And when an application is complete, SAR certifies the accuracy of your family history and the legacy of your patriot ancestors preserving them forever for the pride and appreciation of your family’s future generations for hundreds of years to come. Additionally, the SAR Genealogical Library is one of the foremost genealogical research libraries in the nation. It is open to the public.

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